WTY-DiskUtil 1.0 BETA

WTY-DiskUtil is the successor of WATADIAG. This program uses the windows platform eliminating the need for DOS boot disks. Currently one of the most useful parts, the low-level scanner has been reimplemented. This program will be expanded to fully replace WATADIAG over time.

Program information:
WTY-DiskUtil features an advanced surface scanner which also measures all access times to predict media degradation.

Extra BETA version info:
If you find any bugs, please verify whether the bug has already been reported (see the 'reported bugs' section below) and if it still occurs in the most recent release. Bugs reports, suggestions or feature requests are welcome through our feedback form.

Version info:

  • 1.00 BETA Release 1
    • First public version.

Reported bugs:
No bugs have been reported yet.

License information:
This is a freeware package, its use is subject to the included license agreement! This program does not contain any spyware and/or addware components.

Click here to download WTY-DiskUtil version 1.00 Release 1 (wdu100_1_setup.exe 151KB) . If your browser refuses to download executables directly click here to get the same file packed in an archive (wdu100_1_setup.zip 147KB).

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