WATADIAG is an ATA/IDE surface scanner, diagnostics and information utility.

Program information:
WATADIAG includes:
  • A scanner(previously known as idescan 2.0)
    This is a surface scanner which also measures all access times to predict media degradation.

  • A drive information utility (previously known as ADQ)
    This is an information utility which reports which ATA defined features are supported by your drive. (e.g. Ultra DMA modes, acoustic modes, etc.)

  • A diagnostic utility (previously known as SIDED)
    An advanced diagnostic utility to troubleshoot detection problems.

  • Various utilities
    Disk wiper, This tool clears every user sector on the hard disk.
    Partition sector wiper, clears the partition sector and (optionally) the primary boot sectors.

WATADIAG 1.01 screenshot

Version info:

  • 1.01
    • All prompts were made keyboard language independent due to problems with non QWERTY keyboards.
    • Support for add-on host adapters (custom controllers) has been improved significantly.
    • Some minor GUI related items
  • 1.00
    • First public version

Reported bugs:
The bugs from the BETA were fixed, no new bugs have been reported since.

License information:
This is a freeware package, its use is subject to the included license agreement! This program does not contain any spyware and/or addware components.

Click here to download WATADIAG version 1.10 (233KB)

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