WTY-M2D 0.9

Program information:
Program information: WTY-M2D 0.9 is a small program which is useful in multi display/monitor environments. Sometimes applications will (try to) put windows on the disabled displays. This utility allows you to simply move all open windows to one display.


Every display shows this dialog.

Version info:
Version 0.9: Initial release

License information:
This is a freeware package, its use is subject to the included license agreement! This program does not contain any spyware and/or addware components.

Click here to download WTY-M2D version 0.9 (wty-m2d.exe 16 KB). If your browser refuses to download executables directly click here to get the same file packed in an archive (wty-m2d.zip 14 KB).

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